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Business Conditions

September 2018 Business Conditions
Transactionsl Accounts Personal Accounts Corporates
Interest Rate on Credit Balances Nil Up to 0.5% p.a
Interest Calculation n/a Monthly
Interest Payment Frequency n/a Monthly
Minimum Balance US$10 US$30
Maximum Balance No maximum No maximum
Below Minimum Balance Charge Yes Yes
Cash Deposit Nil Nil
Cash Withdrawal 1.25% of amount withdrawn 1.25% of withdrawal amount
Withdrawal Conditions On demannd On demand
ATM Withdrawal 1% of amount withdrawn n/a
Debit Card Fee Initial issue US$5 and replacement US$2 n/a
Ledger Fees US$5.00 at per month US$20 at per month
POS transactions US$0.10 - US$0.45 per transaction n/a
Teller POS US$0.10 - $US0.45 per transaction n/a
Statement Request US$1.00 per statement/page US$1.50 per page
Pensioners - 60 years and above Exempted from all bank charges n/a
Mobile Notifications US$0.50 per month n/a
Loans & Overdrafts 
Interest Rate (Individual + non productive sectors) Up to 15% p.a.
Interest Rate Corporates + productive sector) Up to 12% p.a.
Interest Calculation On daily balance
Interest Payment Frequency As per contract compounded monthly
Establishment Fees Corporates + productive sector 2%
Individuals + non-prouctive sector 3%
Penalty Rate 18% p.a. Corporates & Individuals
Drawdown fees Corporates + productive sector 1%
Individuals + non-productive sector 2%
Fixed Deposits Products Term
Interest Rate Min 2% p.a. for US$1000.00 and above
Interest Calculation For fixed period
Interest Payment Frequency Paid on maturity
Minimum Investment US$1000.00 individuals and US$5000.00 corporates
Maximum Investment No maximum
Please contact our Treasury Department for further information
Tel: +263-4-707893/700730
International Banking Drafts Telegraphic Transfers Foreign Bills
Commission 0.5% 0.5% US$30
Minimum Charge US$10 US$20 n/a
Maximum Charge US$50 US$200 n/a