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trade finance
24 Oct 2018

Metbank has engaged an SES Expert to provide expertise as part of efforts to strengthen its Trade and Export Finance offering.

24 Oct 2018

Metbank Ltd exhibited at the 2018 Mine Entra this week in partnership with Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF).

19 Oct 2018

Metbank and Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Strategic Alliance was officially launched in Manicaland on Friday 19 October at Odzi Country Club.

21 Sep 2018

BUSINESSES in Mutare can now access affordable loans of up to $100 000 on zero deposit, thanks to an initiative recently launched by Metbank in collaboration with the Federation Investment Entrepreneurship Fund (FIEF).

Entrepreneurship fund launched
15 Sep 2018

Zimbabwe National Co-operative Federation (ZNCF) Small and Medium Enterprises has launched an entrepreneurship fund to help small business owners boost their businesses.

12 Sep 2018

METBANK says it will focus its lending business on mortgage financing and commercial banking products that promote financial inclusion under a strategic plan

Ephraim Chawoneka
28 Aug 2018

The Metropolitan Bank has partnered with the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF)

10 Apr 2018

We are phasing out our current prepaid Metclick cards by April 30, 2018.

19 Mar 2018

Metbank Limited participated in the Global Money week celebrations in March 2018.

01 Feb 2018

Zimbabwe's Metbank has set the tone for innovative digital banking.