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Whether you want guaranteed returns or constant access to your funds, our Treasury department has tailor made packages for your individual business needs. From providing money and foreign exchange services to both individual and corporate customers, Metbank’s competitively priced money market products ensure clients of the best prices on all major foreign exchange pairs.

Fixed Deposits (FDs)

  • This is an investment account where money is deposited for a fixed period, at a predetermined rate.
  • Standard investment periods are 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 days. Clients opting for investment periods of up to 365 days can have special arrangements made to match their cash flow circumstances.
  • Interest is payable on maturity.
  • Our FDs are available to both individual and corporate clients.

Negotiable Certificate of Deposits (NCDs)

These are short-term negotiable securities issued by Metbank in exchange for deposits for a specified period and at a specific rate.

Call Deposit

  • This is an investment account invested at a floating rate and at an unspecified period and earns good interest. Interest rates are determined by prevailing market conditions.
  • The funds are withdrawn on demand in full or part thereof.
  • Call deposit ideal for clients with excess working capital who wish to invest for short term.

Bankers Acceptances (BAs)

  • Metbank accepts and discounts Bankers Acceptances.
  • It is a bill of exchange drawn on and accepted by the bank and is a negotiable instrument

Promissory notes

  • These are contracts specifying the terms of a promise by one party, (the maker) to pay a sum of money to the other, (the payee).
  • They are drawn by client for endorsement by the bank.
  • The bank accepts or endorses for short to medium periods.

Stocks and Bonds

Medium to long term assets issued for corporates or Governments to cater for capital projects.

Treasury Bills (TBs)

  • These are short term negotiable instruments issued by the Government through the Central bank to finance government short term requirements.
  • TBs are considered as the least risky of all Treasury products as Government guarantees them.

Foreign exchange products

Metbank offers foreign exchange related products and services covering major International currencies including spot currency purchases and sales for both individual and corporate clients.

The bank also provides historical exchange rates, precious metals information and historical statistics and currency monitoring.