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Salary Based Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on offer?

  • A loan of up to five (5) times net salary of all individual clients with salaries coming through the bank.
  • Minimum $5,000.00
  • Maximum $100,000.00

Who is our target market?

  • Civil Servants in general
  • Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA)
  • Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)
  • Zimbabwe Prisons & Correctional Service (ZPCS)
  • Reputable Private Companies’ employees
  • Public Company employees

How does one qualify?

  • Metbank account holders with a salary coming through the account for at least one month with deduction from source.
  • Non-account holders should open accounts and receive their salary for at least one month before applying for the loan.
  • All other guidelines on personal lending apply.
  • Monthly loan repayment not to exceed 40% of the applicant's net salary
  • Verification with SSB/employer to check if applicant has headroom for further Direct Debit to cover the loan advance.

Additional Requirements for Private Company employees;

  • A letter of recommendation from the company/ employer addressed to the Branch Manager of Metbank Limited.
  • NSSA and Pension deductions must be evident on the payslip
  • Beneficiary must have been working for their current employer for at least (six) 6 months.